The market for Holo-Krome fasteners is as great as the need for threaded fastenings to hold metal parts together or adjust them to one another. Wherever screws are called for to perform their basic function of fastening metal parts securely, at the same time permitting ready separation of the parts in the event of repairs, replacements or adjustments, there is a style and size of Holo-Krome hex-socket screw to do the job more easily, more quickly and more dependably -- at lower cost in the long run.

Hardly an industry can be named that doesn't need Holo-Krome products.. In the tools and machines that make and process the great variety of commodities used in every day living; in the broad fields of communication, transportation, agriculture, mining and construction. You will find countless places where Holo-Krome products are on the job, prepared to fulfill their important assignment of holding firmly against every dislodging force.

Toytota Owners 400

Apr. 26
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Bojangles' Southern 500

Apr 12, 2014

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