Day in the Life of Ryan Newman at Dover

Day in the Life of Ryan Newman at Dover

May 29, 2009

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01 – The #5 JR Motorsports team works on the Fastenal Chevrolet during practice at Dover International Speedway.

02 – Ryan Newman sits in the Fastenal Chevy as the #5 JRM team makes quick changes during practice.

03 – Dover is known as the “Monster Mile”… and the concrete monster is always lurking ready to claim another victim.

04 – Ryan Newman backs the Dale Earnhardt Jr. designed Fastenal Chevy out of the garage stall.

05 – Newman heads back out on the one-mile concrete oval to try and improve his lap times.  

06 – The #5 Fastenal Chevy flies around the concrete mile under the watchful eyes of the monster.

07 – Crew chief, Brian Campe, and the #5 JRM team make adjustments to the Fastenal Chevy.

08 – Ryan Newman discussed the Fastenal car’s set up with crew chief Brian Campe.

09 – Ryan Newman’s name above the door of the Fastenal Chevy in his first race for JR Motorsports.

10 – After the only Nationwide Series practice session at Dover, Ryan Newman discusses changes with Brian Campe and car chief, Cam Strader.

11 – Team Debrief… Ryan Newman debriefs with JR Motorsports and Hendrick Motorsports representatives after practice in Dover.

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